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Pieter and Susanna Vermeer established Vermeer Flowers in 1952 after emigrating from Holland, known for its stunning floral landscapes and rich horticultural traditions.Pieter and Susanna passed their knowledge on to their Son, Gary, who grew up working alongside his parents before taking over the business in 1984.Traditionally specializing in the wholesale of quality potted bulbs, Gary and his wife, Moira, expanded the business in the 80s with the construction of the Garden Center.

Two of Gary and Moira’s children, Julie and Peter, are now active in the family business. Having always been a part of family life, flowers are what the Vermeers both know and love.

While the Vermeer family continues its dedication to the quality and service of potted bulb wholesales, the Garden Center has also become a hot spot for custom planters in the spring, producing excellent bedding plants, beautiful hanging baskets and 8” perennials.

In 2012, Vermeer Flowers will be celebrating its 60th year in business, as well as Gary’s 60th birthday! To commemorate, the Vermeer family will be announcing a number of exciting products and events throughout the year.




“’I've been coming to Vermeer’s now for over 20 years now. Their service just can’t be beat, the people are so nice” - Hillary Claire

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We take pride in being the best in our industry! With that, we strive to offer the best customer experience possible. Come visit is today because at Vermeer Flowers “there’s always something grown’ on”

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